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Please remember Police Scotland do not monitor facebook unless it is part of a specific Investigation. If you need to report non emergency issues to Police Scotland Please call 101
For emergencies please call 999

Springfield delopments are loking to set up a Liaison group prior to work commencign on 117 house behind Connage Crescent to Fettes road. Please contact

Liaison group info





Waste Water Treatment Site and Pipeline Works Information Link


Local Issues

We would like to hear from you any reports of blocked Gully’s, Flooding & other Issues affecting Footpaths and Public areas around Ardersier and Petty
Please send information Including pictures if possible and these Issues can be raised at the next meeting

We would like to address the Issue of Dog fouling within the Village. As a community council we have no desire to see people fined however we desire to keep our village and surrounding areas clean and safe. We would welcome any suggestions on how to address this issue. We plan to invite the Dog warden to the next meeting to see what we can do with regard to educating/ encouraging responsible dog ownership. Please if you have any information regarding offenders can this be reported either to the community council on the above email where it will be passed on or directly to the Highland council 01349 886606.
Quote from HRC Website"Dog owners can face a fixed penalty fine of £40 (increasing to £60 if not paid within 28 days) for allowing their dog to foul in a public place. If the fine is not paid they can be convicted and end up paying up to £500. Not having a bag to pick up is not an acceptable excuse and dog walkers should never leave the house without a supply on them. The somewhat bizarre practice of bagging the poo but leaving it on the ground or hanging on a tree or fence is equally unacceptable and an offence under the legislation. Similarly owners who allow their dogs to stray face the same enforcement if the dog is caught fouling."

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