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Ardersier Medical Practice and Lodgehill Clinic 

merged to become a single practice in April 2012 called

Nairn Healthcare.

What happened to the Ardersier surgery after they merged
The Ardersier surgery became a branch surgery.  The range of services and opening and closing times did not change, so you should not see any major differences.  Contrary to local rumours, there are no plans to close the Ardersier surgery.

Can I still see the doctor or nurse of my choice?
Yes.  The doctors and nurses continue to work in the same way that they have previously, so you should not see any differences in who you see and where you see them.

How has this affected the range of services?
There haven't been any changes in the range of services.  The appointment system did not change, although you do have access to a larger number of doctors and nurses.

Have the telephone numbers changed?
The telephone number is 01667 452096

How do I book my appointment?
There is be a single booking system.  This means that you can book an appointment at either surgery, regardless of which telephone number you call or where you are.  For example, you can ask the receptionist in Nairn to book an appointment in Ardersier.

What happens with house visit requests?
Requests for house visits have not changed.  You simply call the surgery, and they will deal with your request.

Has the Out of Hours service changed?
No.  You continue to call the same number and the service has remained unchanged.

We hope that we’ve answered your questions. If you have any further questions relating to the merger, please contact the reception team at either surgery on

01667 462240 or 01667 452096.

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